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Mirror Contacts for Highly-Reliable
Information Relating to Safety-Related
Control Functions

Efficient solutions
for motor control

Motor Protection

– The New Generation:
100 Years of Moeller contactors


Reliably Switching Highest
Currents up to 2000 A

Alert Dated 12/02/06
All Moeller Circuit Breakers are now listed online.
Updated: DILA 22, DILA 31, DILA 40
NZM3 Data is now online.
Alert Dated 9/9/06
New Circuit Breaker Information.
Convert Moeller Circuit Breaker
New FAZ Circuit Breaker Details
New FAZ Catalog
Alert Dated 6/17/06
Details for Stacklights have been added for lights, and  bases.
The following parts have been updated:
Alert Dated 6/10/06
PKZ2 Feature details have been added to the site.
DIL4M115, DIL3M80 AWA instructions have been added.
Alert Dated 6/3/2006
Klockner Moeller, Moeller Electric 2006 Catalog  has been released and is now available on our site.
2006 Circuit Breaker Catalog is now available on our site.
FAZ Circuit Breaker Characteristics have been added to the site.
Q18 Data is now available.
Alert Dated 5/13/2006
Xstart PDfs have been added to the site.
Now Available:
Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers Defined
Circuit Breakers - the new range
Circuit Breakers World Usage
Disconnect Switches
Circuit Breaker Hand Protection
Circuit Breaker - Clever Mounting
Moeller Circuit Breaker Advantages
Alert Dated 3/27/2006
The Circuit Breaker Index has been updated.
Alert dated 3/16/2006
DILA data has been enhanced for easier purchasing decisions.
Alert Dated 3/9/2006
N1, N2, N3, N4 data has been added.
Alert dated 3/1/2006
AWA (Installation instructions) have been added for both DILM250 and DILM225.
Alert dated 2/28/06
DILM17 Data is now available online.
Alert dated 2/23/06
The NZM Circuit Breaker Overview is now available with link to Circuit Breaker Accessories.
Alert dated 2/21/06
More data is currently available for the N1 Disconnect Switch Series.
Alert dated 2/20/06
Circuit Breaker Early Make Auxiliary Contacts data is now online.
Alert dated 2/17/06
Circuit Breaker Remote Operators and Circuit Breaker IP2X Protection are now online for the latest Circuit Breaker Product Lines.
Alert dated 2/15/06
DILM9 data is now available including DILM9-01, DILM9-10, DILM9-21, and DILM9-32.
Alert dated 2/13/06
Klockner Moeller Safety Applications are now available online.

Circuit Breaker IP2X protection and Circuit Breaker Remote Operator Data is now online for viewing.
Alert dated 02/01/06
Additional data is now available for the DF6 product line.
Alert dated 01/28/06
ZB Overload Accessories are now online.
Alert dated 01/24/06
DILM185 has been updated.
The A to Z  Parts index has been updated to simplify site navigation.
DILM80 data is now accessible online.
DILM115 data is now accessible online.
DILM150 data is now accessible online.
EASY-SOFT PRO V6.10 detailed information is now available.
ZB Overload Relay data is now online.
Alert dated 12/22/05
The Klockner Moeller Index has been updated.
Alert dated 12/15/05
Get RMQ Pushbutton information at a glance on our summary page that explains the different types of pushbuttons, accessories and more!

If you need to convert RMQ-22 to M22 we have a fully detailed chart available for your ordering ease.

See the following Contactor pages for updated information:

Alert dated 12/13/05
A new pictorial summary of Klockner Moeller Automation products is now available.

See Also:
Emergency Stop Actuators

Alert dated 12/06/05
Data for the 2004 DILM series is now available online. Be sure to check for the latest DILM data.
Alert dated 12/02/05
The New DILP data is currently listed on our site. You can easily find data for: DILP160, DIPL250, DILP315, DILP500, DILP630, and DILP800.

New DATA is now available for the conversion from Klockner Moeller RMQ to the M22 Series.  You can find data for parts such as M22S-B, M22-PL-PV and more.

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