Moeller DF6
AC Frequency Inverter
Variable Speed Drives

Frequency inverters of the DF6 series enable economic speed control of three-phase motors in standard applications with quadratic load characteristics (pumps, fans). The assigned performance range for four pole three-phase asynchronous motors ranges from 11 kW to 132 kW at 400 V. The DF6 can also be used as an individual drive (stand-alone) and can be integrated into automation systems. The V/f predetermined control (voltage/frequency) enables a wide application spectrum in pump and fan applications, with heating and air conditioning systems as well as in all areas of process control with flow rate regulation.

Frequency Inverters

Quick Reference Guide
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Frequency Inverters

Hardware and Engineering
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DF6 Catalog

1.   Frequency Inverter
Vector Frequency Inverter
2.   Radio Interference filter
Mains Choke
3.   Breaking Resistor
4.   Communications Modules
PROFIBUS-DP interface
5.   Keypads
   Assigned Motor Rating
Frequency Inverter

Mains Supply

Mains Current Rated Operational Current
Without mains choke or line filter
Mains Fuse Mains Contactor Mains Choke Radio Interference Filter
DF5 Frequency Inverter - Single-Phase Mains Connection (1 x 230 VAC)
DF6-340-11K 11 22 24 PKZM0-25 DIL0M DE4-LN3-15K DE6-LZ3-032-V4
DF6-340-15K 15 29 32 PKM4-40
DF6-340-18K5 18.5 37 41 PKM4-50 DIL1M DE4-LN3-22K DE6-LZ3-064-V4
DF6-340-22K 22 43 47 DE4-LN3-30K
DF6-340-30K 3 57 63 PKM4-63 DIL2M DE4-LN3-45K
DF6-340-37K 37 70 77 NZM7-80N-OBI DE6-LZ3-080-V4
DF6-340-45K 45 85 94 NZM7-100N-OBI DIL3M80 DE4-LN3-55K DE6-LZ3-115-V4
DF6-340-55K 55 105 116 NZM7-125N-OBI DIL4M115 DE4-LN3-75K
DF6-340-75K 75 135 149 NZM7-160N-OBI DE4-LN3-90K DE6-LZ3-150-V4
DF6-340-90K 90 160 176 NZM7-200N-OBI DILM185 DDK2.5-9.2 DE6-LZ3-220-V4
DF6-340-110K 110 195 215 NZM7-250N-OBI DDK3.2-9.2
DF6-340-132K 132 230 253 DILM250 DDK4.0-9.2 DE6-LZ3-260-V4

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