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Alert dated 11/28/05
The new DILA auxiliary contacts perfectly complement the new DILM motor contactors. The auxiliary contact modules listed for the DILA Contactor Relay can also be used for the DILM Contactors up to 32 A. All your data needs and specifications can be found on our site.
Alert dated 11/23/05
A summary of Klockner Moeller and Moller Electric Circuit Breakers is now available for your ease of navigation.
Alert dated 11/22/05
View Klockner Moeller Product Documentation here
Alert dated 11/9/05
Now offering free downloads of  CAD Drawings in DXF file format for all the new DILM Contactors. Go here to view these CAD files.
Alert dated 11/4/05
New Data has been added for the following components:

Alert dated 10/21/05
More updated Moeller Electric Product Documentation is accessible here.
Alert dated 10/14/05
New Moeller Electric Product Documentation is available here.
Alert dated 10/6/05
ZB4-110-KL1, ZB4-160-SM1, and ZB4-122-KL1 have been updated.
Alert dated 10/5/05
SL-B data has been added, including connection methods.
Alert dated 10/4/05
NHI-E-11-PKZ0, also known as NHI-E11-PKZ0, has been updated to include pertinent engineering information.
Alert dated 9/29/05
PKZ2 Accessory product photos have been added.
ZM-..-PKZ2 data has been updated.
Alert dated 9/28/05
SE00-11-PKZ0 data has been added for your Klockner Moeller electrical engineering needs.

MPS data has been updated, Please view the MPS Summary Page
Alert dated 9/26/05
ETR4, ETR4-11, ETR4-51, ETR4-69, and ETR4 70 have been updated.
Alert dated 9/23/05
DIL4M115 has been updated with new technical data.
Alert dated 9/22/05
Demonstrative images have been added for the FAK foot and palm switch products. You can view the FAK here.

Klockner Moeller AWA Instruction Sheets have been added to the NZM6-100, NZM6-160 and NZM6-63 Circuit Breaker Pages.

22DILM has been updated with new technical data.
Alert dated 9/20/05
NZM14 and NZM14 Accessory data has been added. You can locate the new NZM14 data here.

TE-69 Data has been added. View the new TE-69 data here.
Alert dated 9/16/05
Updated information has been added for the DIL1M, DIL1AM, DIL00M, DIL00AM, DIL0M, and 11DILM.
Alert dated 9/15/05
DILET-70-A, DILET-11-M-A, and DILET-11-30 have been updated. Please go here to view the new DILET Timing Relay data.

All Klockner Moeller DILR Auxiliary Contact and Accessory information has been updated to include images and technical data. You can find the DILR Auxiliary Contact information here and the DILR Accessory information here.
Alert dated 9/14/05
02DILE has been updated with product image, dimension data, and contact sequences. Please visit 02DILE to view the latest data.
Alert dated 9/13/05
ESR5 comparison data has been added for your use in comparing thse units. Please view the new ESR4 data here.
Alert dated 9/06/05
New data has been added to the DIL00AM including dimensions and contact sequence data. Click here to view the DIL00AM page.
Alert dated 9/02/05
Data for the Klockner Moeller 11DILM has been updated to include the actual part picture and contact sequence diagram. Click here to view the new 11DILM data.

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