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ALERT dated 4/27/05
Data for the DILER22, DILER31, DILER40 has been updated to include wiring diagrams. You can find this data here.
ALERT dated 4/21/05
Data for the Klockner Moeller Motor Control Centers are now online. You can find information on the MODAN 3000 and the MCC 3000 by clicking here.
ALERT dated 4/15/05
Information on the new NZM2 Circuit Breaker is now available, including dimensions, part numbers, modes and more.

You can view the data for the nzm3 here.

The new information for Disconnect Switches can be found here: N1, N2, PN1, PN2
ALERT dated 4/13/05
Detailed data and comparison is now available for the EMR4 (Electronic Monitoring/Measuring Relay) line. This unique relay has hundreds of useful and time saving applications.

You can view the data for the EMR4 line here.
ALERT dated 4/06/05
M22-R and M22S-R Potentiometer data has been added to our site. This potentiometer offers: Degree of protection IP66,
3 individual screw terminals, Pmax = 0.5 W, Accuracy of resistance value: g 10% (linear), and simple DIN rail mounting.

View the data for M22-R and M22S-R HERE.
ALERT dated 4/04/05
Information regarding upgrading from the TE11, TE42, TE51 and EMT5 series of timing relays is now available online.

View the upgrade chart for Klockner Moeller Timing Relays HERE.
ALERT dated 3/30/05
The available data for Stacklights has been updated and detailed to make your purchase even easier.

Please view the Stacklight Page here.
ALERT dated 3/25/05
Detailed explanation and date for the EK01 and EK10 are currently available
ALERT dated 3/21/05
Photographs are currently available for PKZ2 Accessories. You can find the PKZ2 Accessory page HERE. You can view more detailed information on the PKZ2 Motor protection combinations HERE.
ALERT dated 3/15/05
You can now view DIL00M Dimensions, Circuit Diagrams and more online! This information has been newly modified and simplified so you can find the information you need more quickly.

Click here for DIL00M data.
ALERT dated 3/11/05
You can now review the 2004 - 2005 Moeller Electric Catalog and the 2005 Moeller Electric Catalog by section on our Klockner Moeller PDF Catalog Index.
ALERT dated 3/4/05
New updated information about M22-LED parts, including a mounting examples.
Click here to access the New M22-LED Page

ALERT dated 2/21/05
All data regarding the PKZ2 series has been re-organized as new data has been added, including dimensions information and AWA sheets for the PKZ2 and accessories.

You can access the new data here at the PKZ2 Summary Page.
ALERT dated 2/18/05
Compare the functionality and features of the AT0 Series of Limit Switches and Safety Interlock Switches. One page provides detailed information about the possible combinations and comparisons. A modular structure for universal application – a choice of contact systems and many different operating heads make the AT0 position switches ideal for every application. Two basic units in different frame sizes gives you a choice of either a particularly small mounting area, or two cable entries which permit the cables to be looped

You can access the AT0 Limit and Safety Interlock Switches here.

ALERT dated 2/1/05
The MFD-Titan display is easily fitted using two standard 22.5 mm drill holes. The components for the power supply and the optional inputs/outputs are simply plugged in from the back. Once completed, the display and operating functions of the MFD-Titan are ready for use!

You are fully (graphically) in the picture with the MFD-Titan multi-function display. It displays text, data, time, large characters, graphics, signal text and lots, lots more in brilliant clarity and quality. The MFD-Titan excels with its attractive design and the fully graphic, monochrome, background lit display with keypad. And all this with enhanced IP 65 degree of protection.

View the MFD Titan Movie

ALERT dated 1/31/05
The Klockner Moeller PLC MFD-Titan multi-function display has full graphic capability. It can for example, replace 7-segment displays and display graphic and text-based error messages and operating functions.

The Klockner Moeller PLC MFD Starter Kit is being offered at a special introductory price of only $345.00. This offer is for a LIMITED TIME only!
ALERT dated 1/20/05
Just Released - NZM Protection flexibility: Systems, generators, motors with full detailed information on how the NZM Series can be utilized for System Protection, Generator Protection, or Motor Protection with  information on incorporating the EASY programmable relay to prevent critical load states, selectivity charts, and load current monitoring. You can find this data here: NZM Protection flexibility: Systems, Generators, Motors
ALERT dated 1/17/05
The FAK product line has been added to You can now view detailed information on both the FAK foot and palm switches and FAK accessories. You can access the
FAK Summary Page here. You can access the FAK Accessory Page here.
ALERT dated: 1/13/05
Friday January 14th, 2005 is the last day for USA Customers to order any NZM9 or N9 Breakers. This will be the last production run for these devices.

ALERT dated: 1/10/05
Friday January 14th, 2005 is the last day for USA Customers to order any NZM12 or N12 Breakers. This will be the last production run for these devices.

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