MFD Titan Display

MFD-Titan combines in one unit the functions of RMQ Titan control circuit devices with those of the easy control relay, thus forming the multi-function display. Features: Display/operating unit, Power supply/CPU modules, I/O modules.

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MFD-Titan Manual

MFD-Titan multifunction display user manual (06/04 AWB2528-1480GB).

User Manual – MFD-Titan (English) (3.4MB)

Direct Configuration
With this configuration the Display Unit (MFD-80 OR MFD-80-B) is plugged directly into the CPU Module (MFD-CP8-ME or MFD-CP8-NT) which is directly connected to the I/O module (MFD-R16 or MFD-TA17).

Remote I/O Module Configuration

With this configuration the Display Unit (MFD-80 OR MFD-80-B) is plugged directly into the CPU Module ( MFD-CP8-NT) which is remotely connected to the I/O module (MFD-R16 or MFD-TA17). See also the below EASY800 application.

The easy800 control relay and the MFD-Titan can be simply and economically networked with one another. The integral easy-NET network is available for this purpose. Up to eight EASY800 or MFD-Titan users can communicate with one another via this interface at a distance of up to 1000 m.

It is irrelevant whether the individual device is processing its own program or being used merely as a remote input/output module. Furthermore, each user can be locally expanded via the easy Link interface. This feature allows cohesive use of MFD-Titan and easy control relays throughout automation applications from 12 to more than 300 I/O points.

Additionally, the MFD-Titan can establish point-to-point communication with an easy800 or another MFD-Titan using the serial interface. It is connected using the communications module to the AS-Interface, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen and DeviceNET bus systems. The MFD-Titan is used as a display, operating, programming and parameterization device.



MFD Titan Individual Parts

Part Name Description
MFD-80 LCD Display - 80mm wo/keys
MFD-80-B LCD Display - 80mm w/keys
MFD-800-CAB Connection Cable MFD to EASY800
MFD-800-CAB5 Connection Cable MFD to EASY800
MFD-COMBINATION-* Individual Laser Inscription
MFD-CP8-ME Main CPU for MFD w/o EasyNet
MFD-CP8-NT Main CPU for MFD w/ EasyNet
MFD-R16 I/O - 24Vdc/Relay
MFD-RA17 I/O - 24Vdc/Relay/Analog Out
MFD-T16 I/O 24Vdc/transistor
MFD-TA17 I/O 24Vdc/transistor/Analog Out
MFD-XM-80 Protective diaphragm for MFD
MFD-XS-80 Protective shroud for MFD

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