Programming Software





EASY-SOFT-PRO makes life particularly easy for the operator. The graphics editor displays the desired graphic representation of the circuit-diagram. Selection menus and "drag and drop" functions simplify linking tasks. Simply select the contacts and coils and connect them, all with a simple mouse click!

EASY-SOFT-PRO supports the MFD-Titan with the programming and parameterization of visualization (process display) functions.

Six menu languages are available to guide you with the user friendly menus of the EASY-SOFT-PRO.

Features And Installation


The MFD-Titan excels with its attractive design and the fully graphic, monochrome, background lit display with keypad. And all this with enhanced IP 65 degree of protection with an AC or DC power supply. It displays text, data, time, large characters, graphics, signal text and more in brilliant clarity and quality.

The MFD-Titan display is easily fitted using two standard 22.5 mm drill holes. The components for the power supply and the optional inputs/outputs are simply plugged on from the rear. And your ready! And now all the display and operating functions of the MFD-Titan such as the functions of the easy 800 control relay are ready for use!

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