Eaton XTPR0
Manual Motor Starter Overview

Up to max. short circuit current 600v
Maximum Fuse with CL: 600
Maximum Circuit Breaker with CL: 600
Part name Overload Release
Short Circuit Release Motor Starter Combination
Contactor Carrier
XTPR016DC1NL 10 - 16 224 XTCE040D00
XTPR025DC1NL 20 - 25
XTPR032DC1NL 25 - 32 350
XTPR040DC1NL 32 - 40 448
XTPR050DC1NL 40 - 50 560
XTPR058DC1NL 50 - 58 812
XTPR063DC1NL 55 - 65 882

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XTPR0 Accessories

XTPR0 Auxiliary Contacts

Insulated Enclosures

XTPR0 Insulated Enclosures

XTPR0 Notes

The tried and tested XTPR0 now switches motors up to 32A, and its short-circuit switching capacity has been significantly increased. The short-circuit rating (400V) is now 150kA up to 12A and 50kA up to 32A.

The XTPR0 also has a switching capacity of 50kA and is now rated up to 65A, which simplifies engineering and makes current limiters virtually obsolete.

With just two variants, covering the range from 0.1 to 65A selection and engineering are made easy. The XTPR0 with a compact width of only 55mm saves valuable space in the control panel.

Accessories: Full functionality with only few versions

Both breakers use the same simple clip-on accessories, which can be fitted without tools, making selection easy and greatly reducing stock handling.

The auxiliary contact modules provide failsafe information about the switching state; On or Off; overload or short-circuit.

Other accessories include trip-indicating contact, voltage releases and door coupling handles.

PKZM4 Benefits

XTPR0 Installation Instructions

Direct-on-line starter
07/05 AWA 1210-2316
Created: 10/19/05
[284 KB]


Three-phase commoning link, shroud for unused terminals
B3...-PKZM4, H-B3-PKZ4
08/00 AWA 1210-1899
Created: 12/4/01
[227 KB]


Electrical Spacer for Motor protection switch PKZ
10/06 AWA 1210-2325
Created: 11/10/05
Modified: 11/10/06
[241 KB]


Motor-protective circuit -breaker with insulated enclosures
CI-K2-PKZ0-G(-GR), CI-K2-PKZ0-G(-GRV), CI-K4-PKZ4-G(-GR)
12/00 AWA 1210-1844
Created: 12/4/01
[324 KB]


Motor-protective circuit-breaker
12/06 AWA 1210-1859
Created: 12/8/03
Modified: 1/11/07
[187 KB]


Busbar adapter
BBA0-25/2TS, BBA0/2TS-L, BBA4/2TS-L, BBA0C-16, BBA0-25, BBA0-32, BBA0RC-16, BBA0R-25, BBA0R-32, BBA4L-63, BBA2L-63, BBA4-63, BBA2-63, BBA-XSM
12/05 AWA 1210-2324
Created: 10/19/05
Modified: 1/12/06
[535 KB]


XTPR0 Manual

PKZM4 motor-protective circuit-breaker
Overload monitoring of
EEx e motors
05/02 AWB1210-1457D/GB
491.72 KB

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