Eaton XTPR0 Enclosures and Padlocking

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XTPR0 Auxiliary Contacts

XTPR0 Accessories

Insulated Enclosures

  Part Number Description Protection Type
CI-K4-PKZ4-G With black/grey rotary handle IP65
CI-K4-PKZ4-GR With red/yellow rotary handle for use as Emergency-Stop switches to IEC/EN 60204

Padlocking feature

  Part Number Description
Padlocking feature XTPAXPL2 Lockable in the Off position of the PKZM4 motor-protective circuit-breaker
XTPAXPL1 Lockable in the 0-position of the PKZM0 or PKZM4 motor-protective circuit-breaker.

Neutral terminal

  Part Name Description For use with
Neutral terminal K25/1 63 A, flexible, 6 – 16 mm2 CI-K4-PKZ4-G
K25/1 Flexible, 1 – 4 mm²

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