Eaton/Moeller M22 Overview

Emergency-Stop actuators 1
Tamper proof to
ISO 13850/EN 418
Can be secured by means of sealable
Additional plates with and without text
Label mounts 2
For insert plates
Color: black
Aluminium-colored insert plates, with
and without text, can be engraved
Fixing adapter 3
For front fixing
For contact and LED elements
Contact elements 4
Break contacts and make contacts
Universal contacts suitable for use with
electronic devices
Positive opening safety function according
to IEC/EN 60947-5-1
Max. 2 levels with 3 contact elements each

LED elements 4
Voltage range:
12 – 30 V AC/DC
85 – 264 V AC
Enclosures 5
Surface mounting enclosures, IP67, up to 6 locations
Flush mounting panels IP54 up to 6
Shrouds IP40 for flush mounting panels
Telescopic clip 6
For equalizing the mounting depth for rear
mounting in CI and CI-K enclosures and
Centering adapter 7
For centering actuation and signaling
elements when using telescopic clips
IVS top-hat rail adapter 8
For direct mounting onto top-hat rail
according to EN 50022
Indicator lights 9
Flush and conical versions
Colors: white, green, red, yellow, blue
Key-operated actuators 10
Two and three positions
Programmable spring-return/stay-put
function and key withdrawal
Suitable for master key systems
Selector switch actuators 11
Two and three positions
With rotary head, thumb-grip
Programmable spring-return/stay-put
Illuminated selector switch actuators with
transparent thumb-grip
Colors: white, green, red, yellow, blue
Button plates/button lenses 12
Inscription using laser technology for
push-button actuators and mushroom
Button lenses for illuminated push-button
actuators and indicator lights, flush
With standard texts and symbols or nonstandard
Push-button actuators 13
Spring-return and stay-put
Flush and extended
With and without guard ring
Mushroom actuators
Double actuators
Colors: white, green, red, yellow, blue, black Illuminated push-button actuators Colors: white, green, red, yellow, blue
Acoustic indicators 14
Degree of protection IP40 without buzzer
Buzzer 15
Continuous and pulsed tone
18 – 30 V AC/DC
Potentiometers 16
Resistance values from 1 to 470 kO
3 connections, brought out individually
With screw terminals
Software 17
labeling and selection aid


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