Moeller PKZ2/ZMR-32/S-SP
Manual Motor Starter

UL/CSA max. 3 phase HP rating at: Adjustable thermal range (set to motor FLC) Setting range of adjustable magnetic trips
Hp@230 Hp@460 Thermal Amps Magnetic Amps
10 20 24 - 32 275 - 425

Includes High Capacity Contactor


Qty 1 - PKZ2/S-SP
       (Basic Module with Contactor)

Qty 1 - ZMR-32-PKZ2 (Overload)

Qty 1- C-PKZ2 (Din Rail Mount)




§ UL listed, CSA certified, self-protected combination motor controller.  UL 508 / CSA 22.2, No. 14 Type E.

§ Factory mounted and labeled contactor and disconnect portion rates max 42A, 30 HP at 460V; max 27A HP at 575V.

§ No backup over current protection required up to its full interrupting rating.

§ Continuity of service (protects itself against damage under fault conditions).

§ Plug in trip module, which creates an open circuit path to the motor when removed.  For additional safety.

§ Adjustable thermal and magnetic trips; built in phase loss differential trip.

§ Built in 1normally open and 1 normally closed auxiliary contacts in the contactor portions.  2 normally open are also available.

§ Electrical life: 1 million operations, AC-3 (30/25 HP at 460/575V).

§ Adapter plate for rail or panel mounting.

§ Control circuit transformer tap-off terminals on load side of disconnect.

§ Allows mounting of accessories such as voltage trips, standard and trip indicating auxiliary contacts.

§ Enclosed starters provided with door interlocking handle.

§ In the event of an overload condition, the normally closed contactor in the ZMR trip module opens the contactor coil circuit and the normally open contact may be used to remotely signal an overload condition.  On a short circuit, the main disconnect switch opens.


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