Moeller PKZ2/ZM-1.6
Manual Motor Protector

PKZ2 + ZM-10
(PKZ2/ZM-40 shown)

Qty 1 - PKZ2 (Basic Module)

Qty 1 - ZM-1.6-PKZ2 (Overload)


UL/CSA max. 3 phase HP rating at: Adjustable thermal range (set to motor FLC) Setting range of adjustable magnetic trips
Hp@230 Hp@460 Thermal Amps Magnetic Amps
In this range, select the devices in accordance with the motor FLC 3/4 1 - 1.6 14 - 22

PKZ2/ZM-1.6 Circuit Diagram

PKZ2/ZM-1.6 Circuit Diagram

PKZ2/ZM-1.6 Dimensions

PKZ2/ZM-1.6 Dimensions

PKZ2/ZM-1.6 Dimensions

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PKZ2/ZM-1.6AWA Installation Sheets

Motor-protective circuit-breaker
03/03 AWA 128-876
Created: 5/13/03
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