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ZEV Electronic Motor Protective Relay

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Motor-Protective System

Motor-Protective System
Setting Range of Overload Trip Amps For Use with:
1 - 820 DILE(E)M To DILM820


Moeller’s ZEV electronic overload relay offers the ultimate motor protection at an economical price. The base unit protects against overloads, phase failure and phase imbalance in motors from 1 to 820A. Thermistor connections and optional ground-fault protection make the ZEV a great choice for virtually all applications where sophisticated, yet economical motor protection is required.

The new standard in protection
Newly-developed sensor systems and tripping units make the ZEV electronic overload
relay the “top-of-the-range” in motor protection. Enhanced tripping classes provide reliable protection for motors with run-up times as long as 40 seconds. Trip classes are selectable from 5 to 40 seconds, allowing precise protection for a range of applications.

Additional features and options
Optional core-balance transformers detect ground faults quickly, while an integrated
thermistor connection makes it easy to upgrade to a full motor-protection

Easy to operate
A built-in LCD guides you through set-up and operation. In the event of a fault, the display indicates the origin – speeding the process of troubleshooting and repair. Configurable auxiliary contacts may be added for communication of ground faults, thermistor trips, internal faults or early warning of an overload.

Flexibility for multiple environments
The multi-voltage module automatically adapts to different voltages from 24-240V AC/ DC, providing a fast and flexible connection to all conventional control.

Compact design
Ring-type current sensors make the ZEV a great choice for protection of even small motors. There’s no need for main current wiring or back pan drilling. The sensor is
installed quickly and easily with hook & loop fasteners. Compared to conventional transformers, this design is up to 58 times smaller, saving valuable space in the control panel.

Safety and approvals
The ZEV electronic overload relay is touch safe to IP20 specifications. It meets approval
standards of UL, CSA, IEC/EN 60 947 and VDE 0660.

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A complete ZEV Electronic Motor Protective Relay consists of:

  • One ZEV base unit

  • One Current Sensor

  • One Connecting Cable

  • For optional ground leakage protection select one Core Balance Transformer

ZEV Electronic Motor-Protective Relay
Adjustable Setting Range Length mm Diameter mm For use with.. Part Number
1 – 820 -- -- DILEM

Current Sensors

1 – 25 -- 6 DILEM;
3 – 65 -- 13 DILM32DILM50 ZEV-XSW-65
10 – 145 -- 21 DILM65DILM115 ZEV-XSW-145

40 – 820



DILM185 – DILM820 ZEV-XSW-820

Connecting Cables

-- 200 -- ZEV-XSW-25
-- 400 -- ZEV-XVK-40
-- 800 -- ZEV-XVK-80

SSW Core-Balance Transformers (for ground-leakage monitoring)

-- -- 40 -- SSW40-0.3
-- -- -- SSW40-0.5
-- -- -- SSW40-1
-- -- 65 -- SSW65-0.5
-- -- -- SSW65-1
-- -- 120 -- SSW65-120-0.5
-- -- -- SSW65-120-1

Mounting Adapter

Enables screw
mounting of ZEV and
Current Sensors to
back pan

Circuit for Manual Restart

Inputs Outputs
A 1 / A 2 Rated control voltage 95 / 96 NC contact for overload / thermistor
T 1 / T 2 Thermistor sensor 97 / 98 NO contact for overload / thermistor
C 1 / C 2 SSW core-balance transformers 05 / 06 NC contact freely assignable
Y 1 / Y 2 Remote reset 07 / 08 NO contact freely assignable

Switchgear and cable sizing corresponding to the respective starting inertia (CLASS)

The switchgear is designed for “CLASS 10” in normal and overload operation. To ensure that the switchgear (circuit-breaker and contactor) as well as the cables are not overloaded with extended tripping times, they must be over-dimensioned accordingly. The rated operational current Ie for switchgear and cables can be calculated with the following current factor while taking the tripping class into account:

Tripping Class Class 5 Class 10 Class 15 Class 20 Class 25 Class 30 Class 35 Class 40
Current factor
for rated operational
current Ie
1.00 1.00 1.22 1.41 1.58 1.73 1.89 2.00

Relays with integrated sensor

With the ZEV-XSW-25 to ZEV-XSW-145 push-through sensors, the motor supply leads for each phase are pushed through the respective push-through openings. On motor currents which are less than 1 A, the motor supply leads with the ZEV-XSW-25 are inserted in loops. The number of loops depends on the rated motor current involved.

Number of Loops n 4 3 2
Rated motor current IN [A] 0.31 - 0.4 0.41 - 0.62 0.63 - 1.24
Current settings on relay IE between lowest and
highest value [A]
1.24 - 1.6 1.23 - 1.86 1.26 - 2.48


The current setting IE of the device is calculated as: IE = n x IN

Recovery time after trip

Class 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
trecovery after overload trip [min] 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
trecovery after test button trip [sec] 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5


ZEV motor-protective system
Overload monitoring
of motors in
EEx e areas

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Tripping characteristics
10/00 AWA 2321-1888
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Solid-state motor protection relay
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