EASY 820-DC-RC Relays

The easy820-DC-RC control relay and MFD Titan combine virtually all the features of a PLC with the user-friendly operating features of the well-known Easy product line. Their integrated networking capability allows for up to eight devices, implementing applications with over 300 I/O. The control system can be designed either using a single local program or using several programs on the different distributed devices. Up to 1000 metres can be covered by the network. The control relays can also be integrated easily in higher-level automation networks thanks to the networking modules available (for PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, AS-Interface).

Power dissipation Inputs, digital Inputs,
option (0–10 V)
Outputs, digital Outputs,
(0–10 V)
24 VDC 3.4 W 12 Up to 4 of the provided 12 inputs may be user assigned as analog inputs 6 Relay 1
LC display,
keypad EASY
Year clock
continuous current
Short-circuit proof
at cos phi = 1
Short-circuit proof
at cos phi =
Dimensions in inches
(W x H x D)
Yes Yes/Yes 0.50 A Line protection B 16, 600 A Line protection B16, 600 A 4 x 3.5 x 2.3 in.


Klockner Moeller EASY820-DC-RC
(Easy820-DC-RC shown with MFD Titan, sold separately)
To ADD an Operator Interface Display as  Shown Above, Click here. Simple installation.
Plugs right into easy 800 via standard cat 5 cable.

easy820-DC-RC Dimensions

EASY820-DC-RC Dimensions
EASY820-DC-RC Dimensions

easy822-DC-TC Installation Sheets and Manuals

Control relay easy
EASY819-..., EASY820-..., EASY821-..., EASY822-..., EASY618-..-.E, EASY620-..-.E, EASY200-EASY, EASY202-RE
02/08 AWA 2528-1979
Created: 3/11/08
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EASY800 Control Relay
User Manual
08/04 AWB2528-1423gb
Created: 08/04
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