Moeller DILET
Electronic Timer Module

Universal Operating Voltage All Models

24-240 vac -  (50,60 Hz)

or      24 - 240 vdc


Timer Selectable Functions Without Initiate switch input

Code Function DILET11-30-A DILET11-M-A DILET70-A
11 ON- Delayed


x x
21 One Shot- ON x
42 Flashing Adjustable     x
81 Flashing Fixed @ 0.5Sec. x
Timer Selectable Functions with initiate switch input
Code Function DILET70-A
12 OFF- Delayed     x
16 ON & OFF- Delayed     x
22 One Shot- OFF     x
82 Pulse Shaping     x

Timer Selectable Ranges

Range in Seconds

.05-1   x x
.15-3   x x
.5-10   x x
1.5-30 x    


  x x

Range in Minutes

0.15-3   x x
0.5-10   x x
3-60   x x

Range in Hours

0.15-3   x x
0.5-10   x x
3-60   x x

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