Circuit Breaker Overview

Discover the advantages of the Moeller Circuit Breaker Line

The spacer – saving time and expense
All switches including the accessories fitted on them were designed with the grid spacing of the spacer. Different depths of switch are evened-out simply by means of inexpensive, rapidly fitted spacers.

The result is a cost-effective alternative to the door coupling rotary handle with extension shaft for external operation of
the circuit-breaker.

This worldwide innovation gains time and saves expense.

Clever Circuit Breaker installation and terminations
Fast and efficient top-hat rail installation with the use of a clip plate. Just simply attach the clip plate from the rear onto
the circuit-breaker and clip it onto the top-hat rail. No need to drill holes in the mounting plate.

The particular advantage of the small NZM1: the “standard dimension” enables side-by-side  installation with miniature circuit breakers in service distribution boards.

Moeller Circuit Breakers saving time and expense
Clever Circuit Breaker installation and terminations
NZM1 Circuit Breakers NZM2 Circuit Breakers NZM3 Circuit Breakers NZM4 Circuit Breakers
NZM1 Circuit Breakers
15 - 125 Amps
NZM2 Circuit Breakers
15 - 250 Amps
NZM3 Circuit Breakers
250 - 600 Amps

NZM4 Circuit Breakers
600 - 1200  Amps




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