Moeller Electric PS416-NET-230
Technical data LT309.098 LT309.099
Temperature range -20 – +80 °C -40 – +80 °C
Operating voltage 250 V 250 V
Outer casing PVC PVC
Core insulation PE PE
Terminal cross-section 0.25 mm2 0.56 mm2
Number of cores 2 4
  Twisted, shielded, Twisted, shielded,
Without plug Without plug
External diameter 4.9 mm 8,0 mm
Cable lengths 100 m, 500 m 100 m, 500 m
Capacitance A/A` 60 pF/m > 60 pF/m
Cable type Li2YCY (TP) Li2Y+CY


  • The PS416-NET-230 PROFIBUS-FMS card enables
    communication with remote devices which supports the
    PROFIBUS-FMS protocol in accordance
    with DIN 19 245, Part 1 and 2.


  • Space required: 2 slot
  • Up to 6 cards can be inserted in the basic unit;
    note the total current required
    When used as the first or last physical station on the
    PROFIBUS-FMS line, the bus terminating resistors must be activated
  • Intelligent card with its own processor. Protocol processing
    does not mean any additional burden on the cycle time of the PS416.
  • The communication services are programmed with function
    blocks in Sucosoft S40
  • The PROFIBUS-FMS stations can be used as:
       - Master (active station) including slave emulation
          on individual communication relations for cyclical data exchange
       - Slave (passive station)
  • Isolated RS 485 interface
  • The card supports the class 2 controller profile
  • LEDs indicate operating status
  • Configurator
       - CFG-SUCONET-P-.. (programming/parameterization software)

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