Moeller PS4-201-MM1
Compact Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Type PS4-201-MM1
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Outputs Semiconductor
Cycle Time Normally 5 ms processing time per 1 KByte binary instructions
Communication Suconet K

The PS4-201-MM1 is a PLC for machines and plants with additional closed loop control and monitoring tasks. When connected in networks, they can be used as either masters or slaves (active).

PS4-201-MM1, Hardware and Engineering.
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Compact controller, Locally expandable
06/01 AWA 27-1589
Created: 12/4/01
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Master or Slave Mode Inputs Outputs
Digital Analog Digital Analog
PS4-201-MM1 Quantity 8 2 6 1
Type 24 VDC 0-10 V
24 VDC
0-10 V

Interconnect Cables for the PS4-201-MM1

Data Cable for connection between PS4 100/200 series devices and Suconet-K expansion module (e.g. EM4, PS4, and PRG3) Length: 19.69 Inches KPG1-PS3
Data Cable for connection between PS4 100/200 series devices and Suconet-K expansion module (e.g. EM4, PS4, and PRG3)
Cable Length 2m

How can you prepare your own
Suconet K/K1 cable ?

Use the 2-wire shielded LT309.096 cable and
the 5-pin DIN connector S1-PS3 to prepare a
Suconet K/K1 cable oneself.


Pin assignment Connector:


RS485 data cable(TB/RB)


Assigned internally


RS485 data cable (TA/RA)

Programming Software and Cable for the PS4-201-MM1

Windows based, IEC 1131-3 compliant software package, for programming of PS4-141-MM1, PS4-151-MM1 or PS4-201-MM
1 set of documentation
(Requires Windows 3.1 or higher)


 2 Meter Cable - 9 Pin(D) on PC to DIN plug on PS4 ZB4-303-KB1

Display Options for the PS4-201-MM1

MV4 Graphic Panel
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     MV4 Text Panel
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MV4 Touch Panel
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Expansions for the PS4-201-MM1

PS4-201 Expansions

PS4-201 Expansions

LE4-xxx-xx  LE4-xxx-xx
LE4-206-AA1 LE4-104-XP1
LE4-206-AA2 LE4-108-XD1
LE4-501-BS1 LE4-108-XR1
LE4-503-BS1 LE4-116-DD1
LE4-504-BT1 LE4-116-DX1
LE4-505-BS1 LE4-116-XD1
LE4-509-BS1 LE4-308-HX1
LE4-622-CX1 LE4-308-XH1


PS4-201-MM1 to Red Lion Controls

Knowledge of Unit Operation Is Assumed
In all cases, both familiarity with the control functions and knowledge of system operation are assumed.

Communications with the Klockner Moeller PS4-201 is via an RS-232 point-to-point link. The default serial communications format is RS-232, baud rate of 9600, 8 data bits, No parity, and 2 stop bits. RS-485 multi-drop cannot be used due to a baud rate incompatibility. The Moeller K-Suconet RS-485 port communicates at either 187.5K baud or 375K baud, whereas the current line of Red Lion HMI's cannot communicate at either of those baud rates.

The connection details are described in the table below.

Name Connector Pin Out
1 CTS 1, 6 --
2 Rx 2 5
3 COMM 3 3
4 COMM -- --
5 Tx 5 2
6 RTS 1, 6 --

The above table denotes the pin names of the RS232 port.
When connecting, the pin name at the RS232 port is connected
to the opposite of that pin name at the destination device.

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PS4-201-MM1 to Red Lion Controls Data

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