Moeller S40-GB-CD

Programming Software for  all PS4 PLCs
except the initial transitional series of PS4-101-DD1, PS4-111-DR1,
 and PS4-111-DR5 which use the below listed S30 Software.

Windows based, IEC 1131-3 compliant software package, for programming of PS4-141-MM1, PS4-151-MM1 or PS4-201-MM
1 set of documentation
(Requires Windows 3.1 or higher)


Moeller S30-S3-GB

Programming Software for the
PS4-101-DD1 -  PS4-111-DR1 - PS4-111-DR5 PLCs Only

Software package for programming of PS4-100 series, consisting of:
1 set of 3.5" diskettes, 1.44 MB
1 set of documentation
Language of programming software and documentation: English
Requires ZB4-501-UM1 interface converter


Programming Cable

 2 Meter Cable - 9 Pin(D) on PC to DIN plug on PS4 ZB4-303-KB1

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