Moeller PS4-100
Compact Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PS4-100 Compact PLC

Type PS4-101-DD1 PS4-111-DR1 PS4-111-DR5
Supply Voltage 24 VDC 115 - 230 VAC 115 - 230 VAC
Outputs Semiconductor Relay Relay
Cycle Time Normally 4 ms processing time per 1 KByte binary instructions
Communication Suconet K1

These programmable controllers are primarily suited for the control of small machines/plants and in building services automation applications. They can be used as masters or slaves (passive/active) networks.

PS4-100 Programming Cable

Coupling PRG3 and PLC
2 x 5-pole plug connector (S1-PS3), angled
Cable Length 2m
PS4 Interface Converter For connection to 9-pin serial PC interface RS 232 C/RS 485 conversion for programming of PS4-100  series devices using a PC. Can be used with S 30-S 3 Version 2.3 and above. ZB4-501-UM1
Data Cable for connection between PS4 100/200 series devices and Suconet-K expansion module (e.g. EM 4) Length: 19.69 Inches KPG1-PS3

How can you prepare your own Suconet K/K1 cable ?

Use the 2-wire shielded LT309.096 cable and
the 5-pin DIN connector S1-PS3 to prepare a
Suconet K/K1 cable oneself.


Pin assignment Connector:


RS485 data cable(TB/RB)


Assigned internally


RS485 data cable (TA/RA)

PS4-100 Programming Software

Software package for programming of PS4-100 series, consisting of: 1 set of 3.5" diskettes, 1.44 MB 1 set of documentation Language of programming software and documentation: English Requires ZB4-501-UM1 interface converter


PS4-100 Display Options

MV4 Graphic Panel
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     MV4 Text Panel
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MV4 Touch Panel
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PS4-100 Expansions

PS4-100 Networking Expansions

PS4-100 Inputs/Outputs


PS4-100 Hand Held Programmer

PS4-100 AWA Instruction Sheets

Compact controllers
01/98 AWA 27-1260
Created: 12/4/01

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