Moeller ZM-40-PKZ2
Motor Protector Trip Block

UL/CSA max. 3 phase HP rating at: Adjustable thermal range (set to motor FLC) Setting range of adjustable magnetic trips
Hp@230 Hp@460 Thermal Amps Magnetic Amps
15 30 32 - 42 350 - 500

ZM-40-PKZ2 Trip Module

Includes auxiliary contacts to de-energize contactor,
with Hand/Auto position


Trip modules with overload relay function are inserted in the load side of the motor protector disconnect handle.  Similar to the operation of an overload relay, the ZM-40-PKZ2 uses a set of auxiliary contacts to de-energize a contactor coil circuit and signal an overload condition.  A short circuit will trip open the motor protector like the standard ZM trip module. 


The ZM-40-PKZ2 is also supplied with a HAND/AUTO reset feature.  It cannot be combined with U/A voltage trips or RE/RS remote control drives.



§ Adjustable and thermal magnetic trips set in accordance with the motor FLC.

§ Tamper proof lids that cover thermal and magnetic settings when the device is on

§ Ambient compensation

§ Phase failure sensitivity

§ Coding accessory to insure insertion of correct module for the motor rating


ZM-40-PKZ2 Circuit Diagram

ZM-40-PKZ2 Circuit Diagram

ZM-40-PKZ2 Dimensions

ZM-40-PKZ2 Dimensions

ZM-40-PKZ2 Dimensions

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