Moeller RE-PKZ2
Line Voltage Control

Remote operator
RE-PKZ2(...V...), RS-PKZ2(...V...)
04/95 AWA 128-1240
Created: 12/4/01
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Used to electrically operate the PKZ2. Line voltage control.

OFF and RESET separate.

Line and control feeds have the same potential. The control section can be energized by a single impulse of 15 ms duration, or by a maintained contact. Upon energizing, the line connection draws its power requirement (700 VA/W for a duration ms 30 ms) directly from the line.

Control section can also be actuated via auxiliary contacts from various Moeller Electric components: NHI, AGM, ETR4-VS3, EK... and dry output contacts from PLCs with no RC filter type surge suppression.



Qty 1 - RE-PKZ2  (Remote Control Drive) as indicated by the green coloring and red arrow. The PKZ2, ZM-PKZ2,  and S-PKZ2 sold separately.

RE-PKZ2 Circuit Diagram


Remote control drives can be used with both the motor protector and motor protector combination. They are used to electrically  operate the motor protector. They can be switched off at the device and thumb-grip handle can be padlocked using a 6 mm padlock. Suitable for use with either AC or DC voltages. Can be combined with undervoltage trips and shunt trips. Always used standard auxiliary contact Type NHI when using remote control drives to electrically signal the open or closed status of the motor protector. Remote control drives cannot be used in conjunctions with the (R)H-PKZ2 door interlock handle.

Mounting is possible in both ON and OFF positions of the motor protector. An internal electronic interlock always sets OFF as the default setting.

The thumb grip handle has 2 positions: HAND and AUTO. In HAND: the drive displays the color GREEN and blocks any remote electrical actuation. The internal signaling contact 33/34 is open. In AUTO: the drive displays the color RED, indicating that remote electrical actuation is possible. The internal signaling contact 33/34 is closed.

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