Moeller AD25/10-2
Control Panel Bus Adapter

For mounting in industrial control panels on CU 30 x 10 and 20 x 10 mm busbar arrangements with 60 mm phase separation. 


Article Number

Maximum Rated Current Adapter Supply Leads Adapter Width For Use With


Amps AWG mm

2 x PKZM0 OR

2 x PKZM 0-/S(E)00
+ AGM or NHI

25 10 108

1 x PKZM0

+2 x EZ-PK Z0 + MV-PKZ 0



Qty 1 - AD25/10-2
(Control Panel Bus Adapter)

The back of the adapter connects onto the bus.  Components are mounted on top of the adapter and wires to the supply leads.  All assembly is done under de-energized (Power Off) conditions.

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