Manual Motor Protector

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Article Number

UL/CSA max. 3 phase HP rating at: Amps Amps Amps Amps Amps
XTPR6P3BC1NL Hp@230 Hp@460

 UL/CSA Short circuit current rating @ 600 V AC


Max. listed branch circuit protective fuse


Max. listed branch circuit protective breaker


Adjustable Thermal Range



Response current of magnetic trips


1 1/2 3 50 600 600 4 - 6.3 88
XTPR6P3BC1NL Contact Locations

Qty 1 - XTPR6P3BC1NL  (Manual Motor Protector) as indicated by the green coloring and red arrow.

XTPR6P3BC1NL motor protectors are UL listed and CSA certified for group applications as per the intent of NEC 430-53 and CEC part 1, rule 28-206. This eliminates the need for individual motor branch circuit overcurrent protective devices for each motor, thus greatly reducing the cost and space requirements of industrial control panels and assemblies.

In group installations involving a number of XTPR6P3BC1NL motor protectors, the maximum rating of the group branch circuit overcurrent protective device is based on the lowest backup overcurrent rating marked on each motor in the group, combined with applicable NEC-CEC installation rules.

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XTPR6P3BC1NL Front Dimensions

XTPR6P3BC1NL Side Dimensions

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