Eaton XTPR010BC1
Manual Motor Protector


Article Number

UL/CSA max. 3 phase HP rating at: Amps Amps Amps
XTPR010BC1 Hp@230 Hp@460

 UL/CSA Short circuit current rating @ 600 V AC


Adjustable Thermal Range



Response current of magnetic trips


3 7 1/2 22 6.3 - 11 140

XTPR010BC1 Contact Locations

Qty 1 - XTPR010BC1 (Manual Motor Protector)
as indicated by the green coloring of the part and red arrow.

The XTPR010BC1 is a 3 phase thermal magnetic motor protective device incorporating adjustable bimetal trips for motor overload protection and magnetic trips for branch circuit overcurrent protection. It can be used as a stand-alone combination controller or in group applications to fulfill important branch circuit functions per the NEC and CEC:

Self-protected combination controller
The XTPR010BC1 is a UL listed, CSA certified Type E manual self-protected combination controller. Per the intent of the CEC and Article 430 of the NEC, self-protected combination controllers fulfill the functions of short-circuit protection, disconnect, controller and overload protection in a single unit when used within their ratings. This eliminates the need to provide fuses or circuit breakers for short-circuit protection and avoids the restrictions stipulated by the CEC/NEC for motor controllers used in group installations. They can also be combined with regular magnetic contactors to provide the performance capabilities of conventional combination controllers with remote operation. The XTPR010BC1  is suitable as a Type E starter for grounded Wye power systems when the system voltage exceeds 240V.

Group installation ratings
For non-Wye power systems exceeding 240V, the XTPR010BC1 devices are also listed and marked “Suitable for group installations”, per NEC 430.53 and CEC part 1, rule 28-206. This eliminates the need for individual motor branch circuit protective devices for each motor and reduces the cost and space requirements of industrial control panels and assemblies.

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