Moeller Z00-4
Thermal Overload Relays

For Direct Mounting on any DIL00M or DIL0M Series Contactor

Z00-6 Circuit Diagram Adjustable Setting Range Normally Open Normally Closed Short Circuit Protection
Z00-4 Circuit Diagram 2.4-4 1 1 By fuses max. 600 V AC By Circuit Breaker max. 600 V AC
15 25

UL listed File No. E 29184  CSA certified File No. 45958 + 43359  Phase-failure sensitivity to IEC/EN 60 947

Z00-4 Dimensions

Z00-4 Dimensions
Z00-4 DimensionsZ00-4 Dimensions

Z00-4 Installation Sheets

Overload Relay
04/04 AWA 23-1185
Created: 6/9/04
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Z00-2.4 Z00 Summary Z00-6

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