Moeller Z0-0.21/KNA
Overload Relay

Old Style


Setting Range

Normally Open Normally Closed Short Circuit Protection
by fuses max. 600 V AC by Circuit Breaker max. 600 V AC
0.1 - 0.16 1 1 1 25
1) Old Style Z0 Overload Relay 2) Z00-xx 
3) Z00-xx/EZ - separate mounting adapter 4) Z00-xx mounted on any DIL00 or DIL0 contactor
Upgrade this part to the Z00-0.24 Z0-0.21 Z0-0.21/CNA

The EZ Mounting brackets are for the separate mounting of overload relays. The EZ00 is for use with the Z00 and the EZ1 is for the Z1's.
The new style overloads cannot be plugged into the old style contactors. Old style overloads with the suffix CNA cannot be directly crossed over to a new style overload.
If an existing starter utilizing the old style overload which needs replacement; you have three options:
A) Contact us toll free at 1*866*595*9616 to see if we have this part in stock.
B) Separately and Remotely mount the Z00-0.24 using the mounting adapter EZ00.
C) Replace the contactor and Z00 Overload Relay.

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