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12/10/08 MSC-D information has been added.
12/02/08 PKZ2 Accessories have been updated to make your PKZ2 purchase decision easier.
12/01/08 The Moeller Electric page has been updated to include more information and a link to the new Moeller Electric Publication page.
11/19/08 New comparison data for NZM1 is now online for your decision making  process.
11/16/08 Information for the PKNM Circuit breakers is now available. Please view the PKNM here.
11/13/08 New information and data has been added to the PKZ2 page to make your decision making even easier. View the PKZ2 Features page.
11/11/08 More data has been published regarding the Moeller DILMF Contactors. You may view this information here.
11/10/08 We have created a directory for the complete list of PKZ2 parts. View the PKZ2 Directory
9/29/08 New Information has been added for the following part numbers:
NS3-400-NA NS3-600-NA NS4-1200-NA NS4-1000-NA
9/26/08 New Information on Contactors can be found here:
Moeller Contactors, and Contactor Applications
  The entire comprehensive list of NZMB1 parts has been added to the NZMB1 Index, as well as data about your accessory options.
9/25/08 We have added information to assist you in possibly replacing your NZM10 Circuit Breaker. As always you should speak with our immediate response team to determine the exact replacement for your specific application.
9/23/08 The NZMB2 Summary page has had all NZMB2 Circuit Parts added to the page.
9/22/08 Technical data has been added for the following molded cases switches. This will add you in deciding on your replacement part purchase.
N6 N9 N12
  New information has been added for the following PKZM4 parts. This will assist you in determining your products needs.
PKZM4-16 PKZM4-25 PKZM4-32
PKZM4-40 PKZM4-50 PKZM4-58
9/18/08 Information for the Legacy NZMH4 product line has been updated to accommodate your replacement information needs.
9/17/08 Circuit Breaker Engineering and Technical Data is now available online.
  In order to improve navigation and selection ease, we have updated the NZM6B Index. This page has been diverted to five different indexes with different types of circuit breakers on each page. You can find these here:
9/12/08 Technical and Engineering information has been added for the DILM Contactor line. You may view this information here.
9/11/08 Push button information has been added for your ordering information needs. You can view this information here.
  View information on Rotary Switches here.
9/10/08 Catalog pages for both current and legacy contactors are now available. View the current contactor pages here. View the legacy contactor pages here.
  We have uploaded the FAZ catalog, viewable by page. If you are interested in more information on the FAZ Circuit Breaker line, see the catalog page index here.
9/9/08 We have recently uploaded individual catalog pages for Legacy Circuit Breaker products. You can find the index here if you are looking for more information about your Legacy Circuit Breaker.
9/8/08 The following T Rotary Switch pages have been updated with more detailed information about each model of switch.
T0-1 T0-2 T0-3 T0-4 T0-5 T0-6 T3-1
T3-2 T3-3 T3-4 T3-5 T3-6 T3-8  
  The automation pages: MI4, MV4  have been updated to include more comprehensive information.
  New information has been added for WINbloc and Micro Innovation XI/ON
9/5/08 We have added new information regard combinations of motor switches and contactors, called MSC-D in the Moeller Electric product line. You may view this data here.
Switch-disconnector NS


You can now view more information about the N1-..-NA Disconnect switches here.
9/4/08 We have added the AWA Installation Sheets for numerous Automation products. These can be found on the following pages:
Automation Index - DE4 Automation Index - DE5
Automation Index - DE6 Automation Index - DEX
Automation Index - DF5 Automation Index - DV5
  We have added the NZMC Circuit Breaker Line to our site. Circuit-breakers from this new series with 36kA short-circuit
breaking capacity and rated currents from 20-500A are ideal
for the most common standard applications. You may view this product line here.
9/3/08 You can now view the DILM32-XHI11-S, side mount auxiliary for use with DILM17, DILM25, and DILM32.
  New information about the features of the DILM170 has been added for your decision making ease.
9/2/08 New information for the DILM400 products line has been added, including the entire parts list for this line, as well as configuration diagrams and new photos.
  To assist you with your upgrade, we have added the following information. You should contact our circuit breaker immediate response team so they can assist you with selecting the proper application for your usage.
NZM6-100 Replacement Circuit Breakers NZM6-160 Replacement Circuit Breakers NZM6-63 Replacement Circuit Breakers
NZM7-100 NZM7-125 NZM7-150
NZM7-160 NZM7-200 NZM7-250
NZM7-40 NZM14-1000 NZM14-1250
NZM14-1600 NZM14-800  
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