Moeller NS3
Molded Case Disconnect Switches

  Rated current
= rated
Switching capacity at 480 V Switching capacity at 600 V
NS3-400-NA 400 14 14
NS3-550-NA 550
NS3-600-NA 600

NS3 Product Notes

3 switch positions I, + , 0 ; can be tripped remotely with shunt/under voltage release

Switches feature a fixed short-circuit release (self-protection) and comply to UL 489/CSA 22.2 No 5.1 regulations. Furthermore the switches are tested to IEC/EN 60947-2 as circuit-breakers without over current protection (CBI-X)with main switch characteristics to IEC/EN 60204 and isolating characteristics to IEC 60947.

NS3 Dimensions

NS3 Dimensions

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