Mechanical Interlock Switch

Electro-Magnet activated interlock switch
(power required to activate interlock)
• with interlock monitoring
• monitoring of door position: continuous

AT 0-02-120AMT-ZBZ/X Contacts Positive
Opening Clearance
 to IEC/EN
60 947-5-1
Control Voltage
Supply to Magnetic Coil
Circuit Diagram
Normally Open Normally Closed
AT 0-02-120AMT-ZBZ/X 0 2 120 V 50/60Hz Moeller Electric AT 0-02-120AMT-ZBZ/X Circuit Diagram
AT0-...-ZBZ/X, Dimensions and Data View PDF
Interlock Activated Interlock Deactivated Door Open

Door closed and interlocked Requires power: voltage is applied to the coil to activate interlock; quicker access possible in the event of a power loss or wire breakage.
Both the N.C. enabling contact 21-22 and the N.C. door
monitoring 11-12 contact are closed
To release door (deactivate interlock) Remove voltage from the coil (A1, A2), e.g. from a motion detector. The N.C. enabling contact 21-22 opens. The N.C. monitoring contact 11-12 remains closed as long as the door remains closed.
Opening the door Only possible once door is released (interlock deactivated). The N.C. monitoring contact 11-12 opens to indicate the open door.
Door Open Both contacts are blocked open, even where attempts
are made to tamper using basic tools.
Re-closing the door Triple-coded actuator removes the block on the N.C. enabling
contact 21-22. The N.C. door monitoring contact 11-
12 re-closes.
To interlock door Reapply voltage to coil:
1. Actuator is locked in.
2. The N.C. enabling contact 21-22 closes.
The enabling contact can only close when the door is interlocked.

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