Interlock Switch

Electro-Magnet Activated Interlock Switch
(power required to activate interlock)
• with interlock monitoring
• monitoring of door position: continuous
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Contacts Positive
Opening Clearance
 to IEC/EN
60 947-5-1
Control Voltage
Supply to Magnetic Coil
Circuit Diagram
Normally Open Normally Closed
AT0-02-24DMT-ZBZ/X 0 2 24 VDC Moeller Electric AT0-02-24DMT-ZBZ/X Circuit Diagram

AT0-...-ZBZ/X, Dimensions and Data
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AT0-02-...MT-ZBZ, magnet-powered interlock (open-circuit principle) Process protection + enhanced personnel protection with separate signal for door position
Interlocked Released Open Door closed and interlocked Energized:

rapid access possible in the event of mains failure or wire breakage.

Both contacts closed

AT0-02-24DMT-ZBZ/X Diagram 1 AT0-02-24DMT-ZBZ/X Diagram 2

AT0-02-24DMT-ZBZ/X Diagram 3

    To unlock door Apply voltage to coil (A1, A2), e.g. via zero-speed monitor, enabling contact (21–22) opens
      Door open Only possible once it is released, door position contact (11–12) opens
      Door open Both contacts blocked in the open position, even with tampering with simple tools
      Closing of door Triple coding actuator cancels blocking of the enabling contact, door opening contact (11–12) closes
      To interlock door Disconnect coil voltage:

1. Actuator interlocked

2. Enabling contact closed

Enable only when door locked


Switch must never be used as a mechanical stop!

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