AT Switch Overview

Safety Interlock Switches and Limit Switches

AT 0, ATR, AT 4

The AT 0, ATR and AT 4 limit switches feature a Modular System, Degree of Protection NEMA 4, 23 and IEC IP 65, Total Insulation, personnel protection, positive operation, suitable for use with electrical devices to IEC/EN 61 131-2. Safety function with positively opening contacts to IEC/EN 60 947-5-1, Devices for world markets:  and UL/ CSA / IEC / CE

AT 0
High Control Circuit Reliability with Universal Contacts

With low control circuit voltage, an increased number of circuit failures can occur in electrical control systems. That is the reason why special universal contacts, with low contact resistance, are used in all AT 0 limit switches.
It offers a high level of control circuit reliability with low circuit voltages and thus makes these limit switches most suitable for use with electronic systems.The separated contacts permit circuit voltages as high as 300V
A300 contact rating.

Contact Types
• normal action contacts
• overlapping contacts
• snap-action contacts

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Compact Unit Position Switch

  • The compact switches are ideal for applications where mounting space is limited.

  • Exchangablee operating heads make the devices flexible and help to reduce stock-keeping.

  • The switching contacts are suitable for use with electronic devices to IEC/EN 61 131-2, and have excellent contacts with any controller.

  • Interlocked opposing contacts to IEC/EN 60 947-5-1 ensure the safety of both personnel and processes.

  • With double break and make contacts, the position switches are suitable for use in the configuration of redundant circuits.

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Position Switch

The AT4 Position Switch is highly flexible and mechanically strong. Dust-tight and water-proof to NEMA 12, 13 and IP 65, AT4 Position Switches are suitable for use in harsh industrial applications.

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