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FAK Stay Put

Klockner Moeller Oversized Foot and Palm switches

Foot and palm switches FAK have a particularly large actuator surface, as well as being tamper-proof. Actuation can be effected using the hand, the arm, the foot, etc. The simple and versatile mode of operation makes for quick reaction in case of emergency. The FAK is exceptionally impact resistant, with a very high degree of ingress protection, IP 69K, i.e. it is the ideal device for application in harsh environments.


Emergency-Stop buttons

Klockner Moeller E Stops

Emergency-Stop is now state-of-the-art, providing safety for Man and the machine. Moeller offers a wide range of Safety Components for the protection of Man, machines and production goods in emergency situations.

It is the purpose of an Emergency-Stop device to deflect or minimize the risk as quickly as possible and optimally in the event of an emergency arising. In accordance with the Machine Directive IEC/EN60204-1, an Emergency-Stop device must be fitted on all machines/systems, with the exception  of machines on which an Emergency-Stop device would not reduce the risk, and i.e. machines carried and operated by hand.

Both these ranges offer a number of different Emergency-Stop buttons with a high degree of protection for practical application. These Emergency-Stop buttons are tamper-proof.

Illuminated buttons in particular increase the safety since visual recognition of the Emergency-Stop is even quicker and shortens the reaction time.


Signal tower

Klockner Moeller Stack Lights And Acoustic Signals

Signal towers SL provide visual and audible signals of machine states, easily identifiable even at a distance.

Signals are distinguishable as continuous light, flashing light, strobe light or acoustic indication, enabling their level of importance to be correctly evaluated without delay.

The individual modules can be combined as required, and simply assembled by plugging the bayonet fitting into place and turning slightly. The individual modules are freely programmable by merely relocating a wire link (jumper) on each module board. This, for example, enables a dangerous machine state to be indicated by a red flashing light backed up at the same time by an audible alarm signal. To achieve this, put the jumpers of both modules in the same position on the module board, irrespective of the module position in the column.


Door safety switch

Klockner Moeller Safety Limit Switches

The safety of all personnel working in production halls must be ensured at all times. Protective doors and hinged flaps keep people out of hazardous areas.

Where an attempt is made to open a protected door or flap during operation, the hinge operated switches LSR/TS and the hasp-operated switches LSR/TKG immediately disconnect the power supply to the machine or installation. Opening is registered at an angle of only 5 degrees, and so even tampering is not possible.

Wherever tampering must be absolutely prevented and protruding actuating levers would be unacceptable, door switches offer protection on tooling and packaging machines or in areas where robots operate. If the hasp-operated switches LSR/TKG are fitted inside a cover, tampering is completely eliminated.


Rotary switches/Switch-disconnectors

Klockner Moeller Emergency Stop Switch

The use of rotary T switches or switch-disconnectors P as mains isolating devices with Emergency-Stop function is suitable for many applications.

These components in the range from 6.5 kW to 132 kW are extremely robust and compact in construction.The handle directly operates the contacts and can be locked in the Off position using three individual padlocks.



Klockner Moeller Safety Position Switches

From material handling systems to plastic injection molding; from car washes to doors on trams: the position switches LS-Titan are used wherever there is exact positioning requirement.

The analog position switch with a voltage or current output also enables a range of new applications for the LS-Titan, where mechanical position detection could only provide insufficient information up to now – for example, detecting the position with opened flaps for flue gasses.

The position switches LS-Titan and the Emergency-Stop button from the RMQ-Titan range provide the ideal link to the Emergency-Stop actuating element. These devices are quick and straightforward to fit, as well as being highly reliable in operation, -properties that are critical for use on machines and systems.

They have degree of protection IP 66, which allows them to be used in a wide range of applications.


Safety relay

Klockner Moeller Safety relays

The electronic safety relays ESR4... are an important component of the safety equipment.

In fault-free operation, the safety-relevant circuits are monitored by the electronics after the switch on command and the enable paths are enabled via the relay.

The enable paths are interrupted immediately or after a time-delay - depending on the application - when the switch-off command is received, as well as during a fault with an earth fault, short-circuit or wire breakage. The devices are designed with redundant features and offer safety for personnel and machines.

You can choose between the following safety relays:

Protective door
Light barrier
Two-hand control
Off delay and
Contact extension



Klockner Moeller CMD Contactor Monitoring Relay

The contactor monitoring relay CMD monitors the contactor's main contacts for welding. In the case of welding the relay switches off the upstream circuit-breaker. Because of this circuits in safety category 3 no longer need to have a second contactor that redundantly switches off.

Using the CMD, circuitry can be designed that corresponds to Performance Level d according to ISO EN 13489.



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