Eaton Space Saver - NEMA Contactors, Starters & Overload Relays

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NEMA Space Saver Series - Contactor and Starter Product Description

The Eaton NEMA® Space - Savings line of contactors and starters includes nonreversing and reversing contactors, electronic overload relays and a variety of related accessories. Because the Space-Savings family meets IEC, UL®, CSA® and CE standards, it is the perfect product solution for applications all over the world. The compact and easy to install Space-Savings line of NEMA contactors and starters is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from Size 0 through Size 5.

Application Description

The Space-Savings line of NEMA power control was engineered to provide highly effective control and protection for a variety of loads, including motors, compressors, pumps, resistive, capacitor banks, isolation and others. The Space-Savings contactors are perfectly suited for use in Motor Control Center applications where bucket space sizing is critical. With both AC and DC control and flexible communication options, the Space-Savings family can be easily integrated into various customer applications.

Standards and Certifications

  • IEC EN 60947
  • CE approved
  • UL
  • CSA
  • ATEX
  • RoHS

Features and Benefits

  • AC control from 120V to 600V 50/60 Hz
  • 24 Vdc control
  • Reversing or non-reversing contactors and starters
  • XTOE self-powered electronic overload relay
  • Non-reversing starters to NEMA Size 5
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting to NEMA Size 2
  • IP20 finger and back-ofhand proof
  • Large ambient temperature range, –25 to 50°C [–13 to 122°F]
  • AC and DC controlled contactors in the same compact frame
  • Low power consumption AC and DC coils
  • Built-in NO or NC auxiliary contacts to 32A
  • Plug-in accessories for reduced installation time
  • Coil replacement on NEMA Size 0–5
  • Contact replacement on NEMA Size 1–5
  • Integrated suppressor NEMA Size 0–4 DC operated contactors and NEMA Size 5 AC and DC operated contactors

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