MFD Starter Kit


Each kit includes:

  • Operator Interface Module: MFD-80-B
    Graphical display 132 x 64 pixels
    Ladder circuit & current flow display
    Backlight & illuminated keypad
    Freely definable status LEDs red+green

  • Control Module/CPU: MFD-CP8-NT (24VDC)
    Multiple closed-loop control:
     PID, PWM, high-speed counters 3 kHz, incremental encoders 2 kHz
    Math functions: ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV
    Timing Relays
    Up and down counters
    Real time switches
    Analog comparators
    Internal marker relays, etc.
  • Power supply to plug the MFD to a 120VAC receptacle
    A regulated power supply comes wired to CPU

  • Programming Software: EASY-SOFT-PRO
    One window for visualization, controlling and networking
    Windows OS: 98, NT SP6, 2000, ME, XP
    Friendly and extensive help Menu & User Manual

  • Program download cable: EASY 800-PC-CAB
    2 m 9-pole serial PC interface to MFD Titan

  • Starter CD
    Getting started & demo examples
    References & Applications
    Catalog, technical data & ordering information


The MFD-Titan multi-function display has full graphic capability. It can for example, replace 7-segment displays and display graphic and text-based error messages and operating functions.

Setpoint values can be displayed and modified during operation via the function buttons on the MFD-Titan.

Product characteristics:

Fully graphic, background lit display
Optional button lighting
10 language menu-assistance
NEMA 4x/IP 65 degree of protection
Removable front frame.

If you want to output text, message text or fault messages, graphics, pictures, operating instructions, date, time and lots more, or acknowledge fault messages, enter values and initiate actions, etc. – all these functions are simple to implement with the MFD-Titan.

Enter the desired functions directly in the EASY-SOFT-PRO software. And you're ready!


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