MFD4 Display Unit


  Display Operation Screen Diagonal Resolution Display Area Memory
for Program code for Visualization
MFD4-5-XRC-30 Color-STN Touch panel analog resistive 5.7 320 x  240 118 x 89 2 MB 6 MB

MFD4 Dimensions

MFD4 Dimensions

MFD4 Brochure

Product Information: "MFD4 Multi-Function Display"
easyHMI. Operation, Visualization and Control with CoDeSys.
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MFD4 Installation Instructions

Multi-Function Display MFD4

Hardware, Engineering and Functional Description
06/07 AWB2726-1594GB
Created: 3/27/07 Modified: 6/27/07

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MFD4 Overview

1 MFD4 Multi Function Display
2 Programming Software ECP-Soft
Menu selection in 3 languages
Operating systems: WIN NT 4.0 SP6, WIN 2000 SP3, WIN XP SP2
3 PC Programming Cable
XT-CAT5-X-2  - 2 m length
XT-CAT5-X-5  - 5 m length
4 Battery
XT-CPU-BAT1 - For back-up of real-time clock and retentive data
5 Memory Card
XT-MEM-MM32M 32 MByte

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