CMD Contactor
Monitoring Device

Part Name: CMD(24VDC) CMD(110-120VAC CMD(220-240VAC)
Article Number: 106170 106171 106172

The function of the CMD is to monitor the main contacts of a contactor against welding. For this the control voltage of the contactor is compared with the state of the main contacts which is reliably monitored using a mirror contact (IEC EN 60947-4-1 Appendix F). If the coil is de-energized and the contactor does not drop out the CMD trips the upstream circuit-breaker/motor-protective circuit-breaker/disconnect switch via an under voltage release.

Contactor monitoring device
08/07 AWA 2441-2321
Created: 8/21/07
Modified: 9/10/07
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Contactor monitoring device

CMD Technical Paper

Contactor Monitoring Relay CMD –
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