Moeller DIL0M


Hp @ 230 HP @ 460 Amps Normally Open Power Normally Open Aux Normally Closed Aux
7.5 10 35 3 0 0

DIL0M Contact Sequence

DIL0M Contact Sequence

DIL0M Dimensions

DIL0M Dimensions

DIL0M DimensionsDIL0M Dimensions

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Moeller DIL0M Part Number DIL0M Available Voltages Description
980695 DIL0M (...V, 50HZ) CONTACTOR
983068 DIL0M (...V, 60HZ) CONTACTOR
061254 DIL0M (110V50HZ, 120V60HZ) CONTACTOR
085441 DIL0M (110V, 50/60HZ) CONTACTOR
092560 DIL0M (115V, 60HZ) CONTACTOR
061255 DIL0M (190V50HZ, 220V60HZ) CONTACTOR
210234 DIL0M (208V, 60HZ) CONTACTOR
061256 DIL0M (220V50HZ, 240V60HZ) CONTACTOR
061257 DIL0M (230V50HZ, 240V60HZ) CONTACTOR
043665 DIL0M (230V, 50/60HZ) CONTACTOR
002387 DIL0M (240V, 50HZ) CONTACTOR
007133 DIL0M (24V, 50/60HZ) CONTACTOR
009506 DIL0M (24V, 50HZ) CONTACTOR
011879 DIL0M (24V, 60HZ) CONTACTOR
061258 DIL0M (380V50HZ, 440V60HZ) CONTACTOR
016625 DIL0M (380V, 50/60HZ) CONTACTOR
061259 DIL0M (400V50HZ, 440V60HZ) CONTACTOR
061260 DIL0M (415V50HZ, 480V60HZ) CONTACTOR
061253 DIL0M (42V50HZ, 48V60HZ) CONTACTOR
023744 DIL0M (42V, 50/60HZ) CONTACTOR
035609 DIL0M (48V, 50HZ) CONTACTOR
040355 DIL0M (500V, 50HZ) CONTACTOR
101010 DIL0M (600V, 60HZ) CONTACTOR

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