Eaton XTMT6A60H70B
Electronic Timer Module

Multi-Function Electronic Timing Relay 10 Timing Ranges;
Suitable to Potentiometer M22-R10K Operating Voltage 24-240 Volts AC or DC
EC Rated operational current
l at AC-15
220V, 230V, 240V
UL/CSA Pilot
Duty Rating
Time Range
3 B 300 0.05 - 60 hour


Time Adjust Dial (Large Red Dial) 0 to 10 Equals proportional to selected range total.
( ie: .15..3m range 10 on dial equals 3 minutes )

XTMT6A60H70B Timing Relay Settings


(Remote mounted Potentiometer
for applications that need operator access)

M22-R10K Potentiometer

Degree of protection IP66
3 individual screw terminals, Pmax = 0.5 W

M22-R10K Potentiometer Circuit Diagram

M22-R10K Potentiometer Dimensions

Mounts in standard 22mm or 7/8" pushbutton hole.



Other resistances available in the M22 potentiometer line but only use the M22-R10K with the timers.

Potemtiometer IP66
Degree of protection IP66
3 Individual screw terminals Pmax=0.5W
Accuracy of resistance value + 10% (linear)
1 M22-R1K
4.7 M22-R4K7
10 M22-R10K
47 M22-R47K
100 M22-R100K
470 M22-R470K
Selectable M22-R *.*

 DILET11-30-A Electronic Timing Relay On-Delay AWA Download

  Solid-state timing relay
07/03 AWA 2527-1587
[331 KB] [04.12.2001]

XTMT6A60H70B Dimensions

XTMT6A60H70B Timing Relay Dimensions

Inch to MM Conversion

Convert to MM

MM to Inch Conversion

Convert to Inches

DILET70-A Functions
XTMT6A60H70B Functions

1 Instantaneous Contact, 1 Timed Contact A2/X1 not jumped together

XTMT6A60H70B Timing Relay Circuit Diagram without Y1, Y2

XTMT6A60H70B Timing Relay Circuit Diagram with Y1, Y2
With Y1 and Y2 either connected together or at the same potential through an external contact.

  11 On-Delayed
  21 With Fleeting Make Contact
  42 Flashing
  81 Pulse Generating
12 Off Delayed
  16 On and Off Delayed
  22 With Fleeting Break Contact
  82 Pulse Shaping


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