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Double Pole Circuit Breaker
Double Pole Circuit Breaker

KM Part's Circuit Breaker Response Team can assist you with all your Double Pole Circuit Breaker needs. We carry most items in stock for your convenience and can offer same day shipping in most cases.
If you are looking for a replacement double pole circuit breakers, we can assist you
with your product upgrade to Moeller!

Find below just a few examples of the double pole circuit breakers we carry.
This list is not intended to be specific but rather show you a brief sampling of our product lines.

FAZ-B Double Pole Circuit Breakers

FAZ-C Double Pole Circuit Breakers

    FAZ-C0.5/2 FAZ-C13/2
FAZ-B4/2-HS FAZ-2-B15 FAZ-2-C0.5 FAZ-2-C13
FAZ-2-B4 FAZ-B16/2 FAZ-C1/2 FAZ-C16/2
FAZ-B6/2 FAZ-2-B16 FAZ-2-C1 FAZ-2-C16
FAZ-2-B6 FAZ-B20/2 FAZ-C2/2 FAZ-C20/2
FAZ-B8/2 FAZ-2-B20 FAZ-2-C2 FAZ-2-C20
FAZ-2-B8 FAZ-B25/2 FAZ-C3/2 FAZ-C25/2
FAZ-B10/2 FAZ-2-B25 FAZ-2-C3 FAZ-2-C25
FAZ-2-B10 FAZ-B32/2 FAZ-C4/2 FAZ-C32/2
FAZ-B12/2 FAZ-2-B32 FAZ-2-C4 FAZ-2-C32
FAZ-2-B12 FAZ-B40/2 FAZ-C6/2 FAZ-C40/2
FAZ-2-B13/2 FAZ-2-B40 FAZ-2-C6 FAZ-2-C40
FAZ-2-B13 FAZ-B50/2 FAZ-C8/2 FAZ-C50/2
FAZ-B15/2   FAZ-2-C8 FAZ-2-C50
    FAZ-C10/2 FAZ-C63/2
    FAZ-2-C10 FAZ-2-C63

FAZ-D Double Pole Circuit Breakers

FAZ-D..NA Double Pole Circuit Breakers

FAZ-D6/2 FAZ-2-D16 FAZ-D0.5/2-NA FAZ-D10/2-NA
FAZ-2-D6 FAZ-D20/2 FAZ-D1/2-NA FAZ-D13/2-NA
FAZ-D8/2 FAZ-2-D20 FAZ-D1.5/2-NA FAZ-D15/2-NA
FAZ-2-D8 FAZ-D25/2 FAZ-D2/2-NA FAZ-D16/2-NA
FAZ-D10/2 FAZ-2-D25 FAZ-D3/2-NA FAZ-D20/2-NA
FAZ-2-D10 FAZ-D32/2 FAZ-D4/2-NA FAZ-D25/2-NA
FAZ-D13/2 FAZ-2-D32 FAZ-D5/2-NA FAZ-D30/2-NA
FAZ-2-D13 FAZ-D40/2 FAZ-D6/2-NA FAZ-D32/2-NA
FAZ-D16/2 FAZ-2-D40 FAZ-D7/2-NA FAZ-D35/2-NA
  FAZ-D8/2-NA FAZ-D40/2-NA

FAZ Double Pole Circuit Breaker Dimensions

FAZ Double Pole Circuit Breaker Dimensions

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