Molded Case Disconnect Switches

Moeller Disconnect Switches operate safely under load conditions due to the 3- or 4-pole snap action closing mechanism which is also applied with circuit-breakers. This enables handling of currents up to 150000 A and high rated short time withstand currents. Implementing an emergency stop function via a remote push button station is easily accomplished using double early make auxiliary contacts and undervoltage release.

The main switch application with an emergency-stop function up to 1600 A conform to IEC/EN 60204-1,
VDE 0113 Part 1 can be easily and cost-effectively implemented with the new Moeller products. The voltage is switched off on all current conducting circuits are when the switch is switched off using the undervoltage release with two integrated early-make auxiliary contacts. Safety is guaranteed at all times in this manner when the switch is in the Off position. The early-make auxiliary contacts can always be installed – even if the circuit-breaker is equipped with a toggle-lever or rotary drive.

Disconnect Switches PN1/N1 PN2/N2 PN3/N3 N4
Application range in A 63 -160 160 - 250 400 - 630 800 - 1600
Number of Poles 3/4
Rated Voltage in V 690
Disconnect Switches for North America N1-NA N2-NA N3-NA N4-NA
Application range in A 63 - 125 160 - 250 400 - 600 800 - 1200
Number of Poles 3
Rated Voltage in V 600
Dimensions in mm
width 3/4 pole 90/120 105/140 140/185 210/280
height 145 184 275 401
depth 68 103 120.5 138

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