Moeller NZM3
Circuit Breaker Overview

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NZM3 Overview
  1. Circuit Breaker or Disconnect Switch
  2. Terminal Cover
  3. Control Circuit Terminal
  4. Terminals
  5. Clip Plate
  6. Rear Connection
  7. Plug-in and withdraw able Unit
  8. Standard Auxiliary Contacts or Trip Indicating Auxiliary Contact
  9. Door Coupling Rotary Handle with Extension Shaft
  10. Main Switch Rotary Handle for Side Panel Mounting
  11. Extension Shaft
  12. Door Coupling Rotary Handle
  13. Rotary Handle
  14. Insulating Surrounds
  15. External Warning Plate
  16. Remote Operator
  17. Side Operator Handle
  18. Toggle Lever Interlock Device
  19. Data Management Interface (DMI Module)
  20. EASY-LINK-DS Data Plug
  21. PROFIBUS Interface
  22. Voltage Release
  23. Spacers
  24. Delay Unit for Under-voltage Releases

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