Moeller NZM
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The New Range

3 Pole Circuit Breakers
3 Pole Circuit Breakers
4 Pole Circuit Breakers
4 Pole Circuit Breakers

The new Moeller circuit breakers offer a range from 15 to 1600 A in four frame sizes, and they are optimally matched to one another. This wide application spectrum covers every requirement as Moeller has closely examined the needs of their customers and implemented the appropriate solutions. For example, the continuous switching power range – which extends from the smallest to the largest circuit breaker or the modular system which can be matched without difficulty to suit the customer's specific application. Consequently, the circuit-breakers can be used universally – from the smallest of service distribution boards, to machine controls or motor starter combinations, up to large energy distribution systems with a short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 150 kA.

“Moeller simply has the experience.
This is evident with every single
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NZM1 Circuit Breakers NZM2 Circuit Breakers NZM3 Circuit Breakers NZM4 Circuit Breakers
NZM1 Circuit Breakers
15 - 125 Amps
NZM2 Circuit Breakers
15 - 250 Amps
NZM3 Circuit Breakers
250 - 600 Amps

NZM4 Circuit Breakers
600 - 1200  Amps




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