Moeller NZM
Circuit Breaker Features

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The XRD remote operator is available for standard network or load switching from a distance with the NZM2 circuit-breakers up to 300A. The on and off switching and resetting is executed with a permanent or pulse contact using a manual control circuit device or automated control commands. The maximum ON/OFF switch time is 170 ms and is thus suitable for all standard applications for automated or remotely operated energy control.
Part Number Article Number For use with
NZM2-XR110-130AC 259830 NZM2 NS2 N2
NZM3-XR24-30DC 259854 NZM3 N3 NS3
NZM3-XR110-130DC 259858 NZM3 N3 NS3
NZM3-XR220-250DC 259860 NZM3 N3 NS3
NZM4-XR110-130AC 266684 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM4-XR208-240AC 266685 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM4-XR380-440AC 266686 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM4-XR24-30DC 266691 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM4-XR110-130DC 266693 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM4-XR220-250DC 266694 NZM4 N4 NS4
NZM2-XR208-240AC 259832 NNZM2 NS2 N2
NZM2-XR380-440AC 259834 NZM2 NS2 N2
NZM2-XR24-30DC 259836 NZM2 NS2 N2
NZM2-XR110-130DC 259840 NZM2 NS2 N2
NZM2-XR220-250DC 259842 NZM2 NS2 N2
NZM3-XR110-130AC 259848 NZM3 N3 NS3
NZM3-XR208-240AC 259850 NZM3 N3 NS3
NZM3-XR380-440AC 259852 NZM3 N3 NS3

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