Moeller NZM
Circuit Breaker Mounting Overview

Easier Circuit Breaker Connections

NZM circuit breakers and PN, N disconnect switches can be connected with and without cable lugs, braided copper bands or copper bus bars. And there’s another special feature: Special narrow cable lug versions are available for bolt connection of round conductors up to 240 mm. Easier Circuit Breaker Connections

Circuit Breaker Screw Terminals

The screw terminal is the most attractively
priced solution for the connection
of cable-lugs, flat drilled metal strip or
copper busbars.
Circuit Breaker Screw Terminals

Box terminal for copper cable

Box terminals guarantee secure contact
for the direct connection of 1 – 2 flexible
copper conductors or flat strip. With
NZM2 and NZM3 Circuit Breakers , the top of the box terminal can be opened for easy insertion.
Box terminal for copper cable

Terminal for aluminum and copper cables

The terminal area of these special terminals
is tunnel-shaped to prevent the
typical “flow-properties” of aluminum
under great pressing power. Up to four
copper or aluminum conductors can
be connected depending on the type.
Terminal for aluminum and copper cables

Connection preparation for multiple conductors

It enables the connection of up to six
conductors with cable lugs per phase.
Auxiliary busbars are no longer
Connection preparation for multiple conductors

Circuit Breaker Rear connection

This method of connection allows bus bars or round conductors to be connected at the rear. Partitioning of
the switch area, terminal area and operator area is carried out without difficulty.
Circuit Breaker Rear connection
NZM1 Circuit Breakers NZM2 Circuit Breakers NZM3 Circuit Breakers NZM4 Circuit Breakers
NZM1 Circuit Breakers
15 - 125 Amps
NZM2 Circuit Breakers
15 - 250 Amps
NZM3 Circuit Breakers
250 - 600 Amps

NZM4 Circuit Breakers
600 - 1200  Amps




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