Moeller PS416-POW-420
Power Supply Cards

 PS416-POW-420 Power Supply Card
PS416-POW-400 Shown

Supply Voltage Internal System Voltage Internal System Current
115 VAC   5 V 8 A


  • The PS416-POW-.. uses the external supply voltage to supply the stabilized 5 V system voltage required to operate the PS416.


  • Space required: 2 slots
  • The PS416-POW-.. is placed in the left most slot of each rack
  • One PS416-POW-.. can be fitted in each rack
  • Generates the PFI (power fail indicator) signal, which signals a voltage dip on the primary side to the CPU, thus allowing the data to be saved in time
  • The supply voltage is connected through screw terminals
  • An LED indicates whether or not the supply voltage is present
  • An integrated filter suppresses interference
  • The supply voltage and the internal bus are isolated
  • The PS416-POW-.. complies with protection class 1
  • Back of hand proof and fingerproof terminals to VDE 0106 Part 100
  PS416-CPU-x00, CPU
PS416-POW-4x0, Power Supply Card
PS416-BGT-4xx, Rack

Hardware and Engineering 02/98 AWB27-1208GB
with supplement 11/01 BL2700-8800

[1.3 MB] - [26.11.2001]

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