Moeller Electric PS416-NET-440


  • The PS416-NET-440 PROFIBUS-DP card as a master enables
    communication with all devices supporting the PROFIBUS-DP
    fieldbus in accordance with EN 50170. PROFIBUS-DP is
    an important protocol for high-speed data exchange
    in production and process engineering.


  • Space required: 2 slot
  • Up to 7 cards can be inserted in the basic unit;
    note the total current required
  • Intelligent card with its own processor. Protocol processing
    does not mean any additional burden on the cycle time of the PS416
  • Reading of slave diagnostics data through standard
    Sucosoft S40 function block
  • The card is a class 1 master
  • Transfer rates of 9.6 KBit/s to 12 MBit/s supported
  • Isolated RS 485 interface for network line and
  • RS 232C interface for the configuration
  • LEDs indicate operating status
  • The PS416-NET-440 supports bit, byte, word and double word format
  • Connection of up to 124 slaves; up to 30 without repeater
  • The certification of the PROFIBUS Users Organization (PNO)
    guarantees the conformity of PS416-NET-440 with EN 50170
    and thus interoperability with other products.

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