PS416-NET-400 Suconet K Card

Moeller Electric PS416-NET-400


  • The PS416-NET-400 Suconet K card allows communication
    either as master or slave with all devices supporting the
    Suconet K or Suconet K1 protocol.


  • Space required: 1 slot
  • Intelligent card with its own processor. Protocol processing
    does not mean any additional burden on the cycle time
    of the PS416.
  • Automatically switches between Suconet K and
    Suconet K1 depending on the respective communication partner
  • Master or slave station
  • Organizes communication between the Suconet K card
    and the stations via Sucosoft S40
  • Remote I/O are addressed in the same way as local I/O
  • Intelligent I/O are addressed with Send Data (SD)
    and Receive Data (RD) commands
  • Telegram consistent data transfer
  • Isolated RS 485 interface
  • Links the expansion rack to the base unit in the PS416 system
  • Up to 8 cards can be used as master or slave
    in the basic unit (calculate current requirement)
  • 1 card can be used as a slave to link to the basic unit
    in the expansion rack.
  • When used as the first or last physical station on
  • the Suconet K line, the bus terminating resistors must be activated
  • The Suconet K card is configured with the
    Sucosoft S40 Topology Configurator

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