Moeller PS416-INP
Digital Input Card

PS416-INP-400 shown
  Signal Voltage Connection Points Semi-Conductor Inputs
On-Delay Normally Off-Delay Normally
PS416-INP-400 24 VDC 16 3.0 ms 3.0 ms
PS416-INP-401 24 VDC 16 0.2 ms 0.2 ms


  • The PS416-INP digital input cards detect local signals for medium-sized and large machine and plant controls.


  • Space required: 2 slots
  • Addresses are defined separately with coding switches on the card
  • The card is configured with the S40 Topology Configurator
  • 16 inputs
  • 16 Status LEDs for the inputs
  • Potential isolation of all inputs through optocoupler
  • Labelling field for individual designation of inputs
  • Plug-in screw terminals allow prewiring of the plug connectors
  • Integrated RC circuit for interference suppression
  • Can be used in basic unit and expansion racks of the PS416
  • Provides input information on the local bit bus

  PS416-INP-40x, PS416-OUT-4xx
Digital Digital I/O Card

Hardware and engineering
01/00 AWB27-1239-GB

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