Moeller PS416-CPU-200
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Moeller Electric PS416-CPU-200
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Succonet K
 (type 1)
256 KBytes No Yes Yes


  • The PS416-CPU processes and saves PLC programs.
    The Sucosoft S40 programming software is used
    to program the PLC for complex automation solutions.


  • Space required: 2 slots
  • 16-bit microcontroller with RISC architecture
  • 36 MHz clock frequency
  • Loadable, modular operating system
  • Cycle time/instruction: approx. 0.5 s for standard bit,
    byte and word commands
  • Real-time clock
  • The operating system is stored in a separate memory range
    that is reserved for this purpose
  • Two mutually independent batteries prevent data loss for
    at least six months. Batteries must be ordered separately
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Floating-point arithmetic
  • Provides the user program memory
  • Through the Suconet K interface, the PS416 can be
        - Expanded with local and remote inputs and outputs
        - Networked with intelligent slaves
        - Connected to operator and display units
  • The programming interface of the PS416 can be configured for use as:
         - A point-to-point connection through RS 232C
         - An RS 485 multi-drop interface. Several PS416s can be networked
           and programmed centrally with a programming device.
  • Networking/expansion through an SBI interface


  • Connection through 9-pin SUB-D socket
  • PRG interface:
    - As RS 232C interface
    - Length of programming cable max. 10 m
    - Number of stations max. 1
    - As RS 485 interface
    - Length of programming cable max. 600 m
    - Number of stations max. 30
  • SBI interface
    - Suconet K mode
    - Length of the data cable max. 600 m/187.5 Kbit/s or 300 m/375 Kbit/s
    - Number of stations max. 30
    - Transparent mode
    - Length of data cable max. 1200 m
    - Number of stations max. 1


PS416-CPU-200 Diagram
  PS416-CPU-x00, CPU
PS416-POW-4x0, Power Supply Card
PS416-BGT-4xx, Rack

Hardware and Engineering 02/98 AWB27-1208GB
with supplement 11/01 BL2700-8800

[1.3 MB] - [26.11.2001]

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