Moeller PS416-COM-200
Communication Card

Moeller Electric PS416-COM-200


  • The PS416-COM-200 card provides serial, asynchronous
    point-to-point communication with various data terminals.
    Data terminals can include:PCs, host computers


  • Automation equipment
  • Data acquisition systems (bar code readers, sensor systems, meters)
  • Robots


  • Space required: 1 slot
  • Up to 8 cards can be inserted in the basic unit; note the
    total current required
  • Communication: half/full duplex (with RS 485 interface only half duplex)
  • 1 interface per card
  • The interface can be adapted with 5 different interface modules
    - RS 232 C with control cables
    - RS 232 C without control cables
    - 20 mA (TTY) passive
    - RS485
    - RS422
  • Even/odd/no parity
  • Character format: 7/8-bit with 1/2 stop bits as well as 1 start bit
  • Preselection of baud rate from 300 bit/s to 19.5 Kbit/s
    through the software
  • Communication secured with data flow control through
    hardware and software handshake
  • The entire communication with PS416-COM-200 is handled
    by the COM function block in Sucosoft S40


  • The card is configured with the Sucosoft S40 Topology Configurator Modes:
    - Transparent mode 1
    - Transparent mode 2

Transparent mode 1

  • Transparent (interpretation-free) data transfer of fixed-length data bytes.
    The lengths of send and receive data can be specified separately
    using the COM function block in the PLC user program.
    The data length can vary between 1 and 256 bytes.

Transparent mode 2

  • Transparent (interpretation-free) data transfer of data bytes
    with variable length between 1 and 256 bytes Data transfer
    with specified start and stop characters

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